Android 12 will facilitate use of third-party app stores

In a post made on Monday (28), Google promised to facilitate the use of third party app stores since the launch of Android 12. This indicates that the company is outlining changes in its policies for developers after receiving some criticism from app creators.

The most striking case was that of Epic Games, responsible for the popular game Fortnite. The American removed the epic game from the Play Store earlier this year citing unfair charging practices. Considering the existing barriers, the company sued Google for anti-competitive behavior.

Quoting Epic, Google acknowledged in the post: “Each store can decide its own business model and features for the consumer. This openness means that even if a developer and Google do not agree to the business terms, the developer can still distribute on the Android platform “.

Source: Google Play / Disclosure(Source: Google Play / Disclosure)Source: Google Play

Currently, Android users can install apps from third-party stores, such as the Samsung Galaxy Store, a subject on which Google promises to release more details in the future. However, the company does not give up that payments for sales of digital products (lives, skins) within applications, in the so-called in-app purchase, must be made through the billing of Google Play.

That was one of the questions of Epic Games, which was monetizing on these microtransactions from Fortnite without going through the billing of the digital store and, consequently, without paying the required 30% on any acquisition.

Finally, Google spoke specifically of companies such as vacation rental property Airbnb and the ClassPass academy, which because of the covid-19 pandemic had to turn their services into “virtual” versions paid for through the in-app purchase. The web giant has promised to suspend service fees for these transactions for 1 year.

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