Android may lose users to iOS for lack of update

According to a survey conducted by the company SellCell, almost 60% of Android smartphone users inclined to migrate to the iPhone 12, will do so because of the longevity of iOS, and not because of the capabilities of the device itself.

Currently, the latest version of iOS has been released for devices released five years ago, including iPhone 6S. For comparison, most Android phone manufacturers provide updates for two to three years.

The survey surveyed 2,000 Android smartphone users in the U.S., with 33.1% saying they should switch to the iPhone 12 as the next device upgrade.

Among them, 55.9% replied that the reason for the platform change is the greater longevity of iOS, that is, being able to spend more time with the same device, receiving new features and security updates.

Another large portion of users (48.8%) said they would switch to the iPhone 12 due to better privacy, while 36.9% are looking for a smaller device.

iPhone 12 may attract Android users because of the longevity of iOS.iPhone 12 may attract Android users because of the longevity of iOS.Source: SellCell / Reproduction

Android problems

On the Android side, most manufacturers only provide feature updates for only two years. Samsung itself only changed its strategy recently, extending that time to three years.

Even so, many users of high-end Android phones feel “abandoned” within a short time after purchasing their device.

The latest scandals with fraudulent apps on the Play Store can also ward off some types of users, more concerned with security and privacy.

The iPhone 12 line, to be launched soon, should have a variant with a 5.4 ”screen, which will be equipped with the A14 Bionic, the same chip that will also be in the most powerful model in the series.

Android users, on the other hand, if they want a more compact phone, they will probably have to opt for a basic model.

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