Android will have security team to hunt for bugs in important apps

Google has made a job vacancy looking for a Security Engineering Manager who is expected to form a team responsible for finding and eliminating bugs in Android applications that handle sensitive user data. Apparently, the focus will be all apps that make use of critical data, such as banking, national services, health-related ones – such as those that track data about covid-19 – among others.

Google already has partnerships with digital security companies to check Play Store apps in order to ban fraudulent apps and potential security risks that may reach their users. But, the team that will be formed, should act in an even more specific way, covering applications generally related to more serious institutions, and that have a great impact on the Android ecosystem, due to the importance of these apps in the technological community.

Apps that handle sensitive data will receive special attention from Google.Apps that handle sensitive data will receive special attention from Google.Source: Pixabay / Playback

The new team will not only identify the vulnerabilities, but will also work to correct them, in addition to sharing the information with other Android security teams, in order to disseminate the improvements found, reducing the occurrence of new failures on a larger scale. .

It would be like an extra layer of protection for users, especially with regard to apps that can cause data leakage considered critical.

To see the vacancy published by Google, access this link.

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