Artificial intelligence turns internet users into zombies

A Reddit user named u / jbrownkramer introduced the site of a new artificial intelligence with a very curious purpose: to transform a user’s photo into a zombie version. The tool uses adversarial generative network technology (GAN) to modify images based on examples of zombie and human faces.

Will Smith and his zombie version, made on the AI ​​website.  (Source: Make Me A Zombie / Disclosure)Will Smith and his zombie version, made on the AI ​​website. (Source: Make Me A Zombie / Disclosure)Source: Make Me A Zombie

To access the tool, simply access the website Make Me A Zombie. In it, you can select a photo and turn it free of charge into a zombie version.

For best results, the creators suggest using high-resolution photos, which mostly contain only a person’s face and with good lighting. A valuable extra, according to them, is a beautiful smile to enhance the bloody teeth of creatures.

The indie developer of the tool, Josh Brown Kramer, used around 300 photos of people wearing zombie masks or makeup, with a focus on their Halloween versions, to teach AI how to behave and thus obtain the greatest fidelity in the results. Make Me A Zombie is now available for free use.

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