Chrome for Android tests scrollable screenshot

Google is testing a new screen capture tool that will record the entire page at once, preventing the user from having to take multiple captures of a page on the web. At first, only the Android version of the browser will receive the novelty, which was named “Long Screenshot”.

It is worth remembering that the tool has tested in some beta versions of Android 11. However, the tests did not succeed. Apparently, the company decided that the option is more suitable for Chrome than for its mobile operating system.

This solution has already been adopted by Microsoft Edge, in an update released in early October. At the time, the company stated that the goal was to optimize the screen capture for users.

The Google Chrome / Disclosure

No expectation of implementation

Unlike Edge, Long Screenshot is not yet available to users – not even in Chrome Canary, a trial version of the Android browser.

However, references to the feature were found in Chromium Gerrit, which is where some recent tests appear and which are still far from the stable version of Google’s browser.

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