Correios Celular launches ‘Intelligent Control’ plans with up to 25 GB

The mobile operator Correios Celular, belonging to the public agency for orders and transportation in Brazil, presented new cellular plans in the “Intelligent Control” modality – with limited data packages, but without making cuts and with unlimited benefits in some services.

Altogether, there are three new plans: one with 7 GB, one with 11 GB and the other with 25 GB, with values ​​ranging from R $ 45 to R $ 100. The idea is to provide alternatives for those who do not yet know the operator or want migrate from one of the existing prepaid plans.

Everyone does not have prior credit approval or loyalty and does not cut the connection after exceeding the contracted limit – and you accumulate the internet for the next month, if you have not used everything. They include unlimited minutes for calls and up to 100 SMS messages to any operator across Brazil.

The new operator plan alternatives.The new operator plan alternatives.Source: Post Offices

The unlimited applications are only those of Caixa Econômica Federal (Caixa TEM) and WhatsApp.

To make the contract or change the current plan, you must attend a post office.

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