Correios now allows you to pay import fees via the app

Correios made another feature available in its application. It is now possible to pay taxes and other import duties at Digital Post Office, even if the international order has not been taxed – it is called the Postal Order, a service provided by the Post Office to release the order to the importer.

In this first phase of service implementation, only credit cards or bank slips will be accepted. To make the payment, just access “Tracking” (the feature, however, is still limited to cell phones Android).

. Post Office / Disclosure

According to the state-owned company, “all international orders received in Brazil, regardless of whether they are taxed or not, are subject to the collection of the Postal Order, which includes the presentation of the order to customs, X-ray inspection, storage, collection and the transfer of taxes when applicable, in addition to the return of the order when the importer does not pay the taxes ”.

The feature should arrive for iOS phones in November.The feature should arrive for iOS phones in November.Source: Post Office / Disclosure

No payment, no order

Today, the tariff is fixed at R $ 15. The user will have up to 30 days to make the payment, counting from the date of release of the goods entry by Brazilian customs. After the payment is confirmed, the order will be sent to the recipient; otherwise, it may be returned to the sender or even seized by the IRS.

The company says that, until November, other features will be added to the app, such as the request to review taxes paid on imported items, plus the version of the “Tracking” feature for iOS devices.

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