Google postpones 30% charge on India Play Store after protests

Google has postponed the implementation of the new Google Play Store partnership plan in India. The measure begins to apply globally on September 21 this year, but now it will only be implemented in the country on March 31, 2022.

Last week, Indian startups began organizing to protest the company’s new practices and form an alliance, which could even become a third-party app store.

The new Android store policies are firmer at charging 30% for microtransactions and in-app purchases and prevent attempts to circumvent that rate by using a private environment – a factor that has led to the crisis with Epic Games because of Fortnite so much on Google’s system as well as on iOS, for example.

The Google side

In a post on the company’s official blog, Google promises to set up meetings with representatives of startups to understand the concerns and hold workshops that explain the policies of the platform. The giant also guaranteed that Android 12 will be more open to the use of external stores.

Also according to the publication, 97% of developers who are on the Google Play Store already agree with the practices and fees.

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