How to check voter registration online

We are getting closer to the Elections 2020 and, for voters who want to know data related to the voter registration, it is possible to do this in a simple and quick way using the website of the Superior Electoral Court (TSE).

When accessing the page, voters have access to their title number and also to the voting zone – and only with these two data you can already vote on November 15 (and on November 29 in cities where there will be a second round ).

(Source: TRE-RJ / Disclosure)(Source: TRE-RJ / Disclosure)Source: TRE

How to consult voter registration

Before going to the website of the Superior Electoral Court, it is necessary to have some data in hand: your voter registration number or CPF, date of birth and mother’s full name. Then you need to access the TSE website.

1. Enter your voter registration number or CPF number in the indicated field (without using dots or dashes as separators).

2. Add yours date of birth in xx / xx / xxxx format or select this information in the digital calendar that will appear when you check this box.

3. Enter the name of your mother (click on not included if this data is missing from your title).

4. Check the box “I am not a robot” to proceed, take the required test (image verification) and then click “Consult”.

(Source: TSE / Reproduction)(Source: TSE / Reproduction)Source: TSE

After entering this data, your search should return to voter identification, as well as the address of your constituency and the date of the first round of the 2020 elections.

If the result is not displayed, redo the process and check if any data was not filled in incorrectly. The website of the Superior Electoral Court also allows you to obtain a digital copy of the voter registration and, if you need it, the TSE maintains an area on its website with data from the Regional Courts.

Elections 2020

It is worth mentioning that, due to the coronavirus pandemic, we will have some changes in the electoral process, such as the fact that biometric identification is not carried out and each voter must wear a mask, in addition to the recommendation to bring alcohol in gel for cleaning hands and a pen to sign the voting book (an official photo ID is also required to identify the voter).

Another detail is that the fact that those who need to justify their absence on election day either because they are not at their electoral domicile or for some special reason will be supported by the e-Título app to carry out this action. It is available in both Android and iOS versions.

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