How to format your Android phone to factory settings

Is the Android phone crashing too much, slowing down, or has it started to crash after an update? It may be time to format it. This feature allows the phone to be restored to factory settings and eliminates several problems, also appearing as an alternative for those who will sell or donate the device.

Despite the possibility of presenting differences, depending on the model, the process for formatting Android is basically the same on any device. Check out the steps below, remembering that this solution erases all data from the smartphone, it is recommended to make a backup before saving information.

How to format an Android phone? (standard procedure)

The menus can be different, depending on the phone, brand and version of Android.The menus can be different depending on the phone, brand and version of Android.Source: André Dias – Tecmundo / Reproduction

  1. open the “Settings” menu of the cell phone;
  2. go to the “System” option;
  3. in the “Advanced” tab, look for the “Restore options” alternative and tap it;
  4. then choose “Erase all data (factory reset)”;
  5. doing this, wait for the procedure to finish before the device restarts “zeroed”.

How to format a Samsung phone?

Resetting a Samsung cell phone.Resetting a Samsung cell phone.Source: UOL / Reproduction

To reset a Samsung smartphone, follow these steps:

  1. access the “Settings” menu;
  2. on the next page, tap on “General Management”;
  3. choose the option “Restore” and, right after, tap on “Restore factory default”;
  4. now, go to “Reset”;
  5. touch “Delete all”, this will start the process of resetting and deleting the information stored in the device’s internal memory.

How to format a Xiaomi phone?

Restoration of a cell phone from the Chinese manufacturer.Restoration of a Xiaomi phone.Source: Tenorshare / Reproduction

Is your gadget from the Chinese brand? Follow these tips:

  1. open the “Settings” menu;
  2. in the option “System and Device”, tap on “Additional settings”;
  3. select “Back up and reset” and then “Original configuration”;
  4. in “Reset phone”, enter your Mi account password and tap “Ok”;
  5. when a message appears on the screen, tap “Next” to start formatting the Xiaomi smartphone.

How to format a Motorola cell phone?

Steps to format a Motorola cell phone.Steps to format a Motorola cell phone.Source: UOL / Reproduction

For those who need to restore a Motorola, the steps are as follows:

  1. enter the “Settings” menu;
  2. touch the alternative “Back up and reset”;
  3. choose “Restore factory data”;
  4. press “Restore phone” and wait for the process to finish, remembering that the device must have a charged battery.

Recovery mode: another option

Couldn't access the settings?  Try resetting through the restore mode.Couldn’t access the settings? Try resetting through the restore mode.Source: Digital Trends / Reproduction

If for some reason it was not possible to format Android in the conventional way, another alternative is to use the recovery mode to restore the phone. Follow these tips:

  1. turn off the smartphone;
  2. press the “on / off” button and the volume down button simultaneously, for a few seconds;
  3. when options appear on the screen, use the volume button to choose “Recovery Mode” (Recovery Mode) it’s the power to select it;
  4. on the next screen, press and hold the “on / off” button and at the same time press and release the volume up button;
  5. now go to the option “Delete data / Factory restore” (Wipe Data / Factory reset) and use the button power to confirm;
  6. then select “Yes-Delete all data” (Yes-Delete All User Data) and touch “on / off” to initiate the reset;
  7. that done, wait for the restoration to finish and tap “Restart” (Reboot) to turn on the phone.

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