How to track Android phone by Google

Losing your cell phone and having your phone stolen or stolen are frustrating situations. For those who have an Android smartphone, Google offers a tool that can help you find it. This is “Find my Device”, whose interface is based on Google Maps.

In addition to facilitating the location of the smartphone, the feature offered by the Mountain View giant allows it to emit an alert sound on the device. In addition, the user can block the gadget, displaying a personalized message, and delete all data remotely.

Using this function is very simple, but the missing Android needs to be with it activated, connected to the internet and with GPS on.

Activate the “Find my Device” function

1. Go to the “Settings” menu of the device and tap “Google”.

Step 1.Step 1.Source: André Dias – Tecmundo / Reproduction

2. On the next screen, press “Security”.

Step 2.Step 2.Source: André Dias – Tecmundo / Reproduction

3. Now choose “Find My Device”.

Step 3.Step 3.Source: André Dias – Tecmundo / Reproduction

4. Activate the feature by touching the key, leaving it in the position shown in the image.

Step 4.Step 4.Source: André Dias – Tecmundo / Reproduction

5. Leave the GPS location always on, as well as the internet (via Wi-Fi or mobile network), because only then will it be possible to find the smartphone.

Step 5.Step 5.Source: André Dias – Tecmundo / Reproduction

Track by computer

To track a stolen, stolen or lost cell phone, it is worth remembering again that it is necessary to perform the above procedure before the device is gone.

After enabling the feature, it is already possible to do the tracking from the PC or using another mobile device. If you want to search the computer, follow these steps:

1. Go to Find My Device service page and sign in with the Google account data linked to the device you want to find.

Log in to the platform.Log in to the platform.Source: André Dias – Tecmundo / Reproduction

2. After access, the phone will appear on the screen, and the system will try to connect to it. If the connection is successful, details regarding the location of the device will be displayed on the map, as well as information about internet connection and battery.

Mobile tracking tool home page.Mobile tracking tool home page.Source: André Dias – Tecmundo / Reproduction

3. The user will have three options for actions to take. When you activate the first one, “Play sound”, the device will emit an audible alarm for 5 minutes, working even if the phone is muted, which can help you find it if it disappears at home, for example.

Emitting audible alert.Emitting audible alert.Source: André Dias – Tecmundo / Reproduction

4. In the second alternative, “Protect device”, it is possible to block the cell phone from a distance, avoiding unauthorized access, an interesting option for those who have lost the device. When clicking on it, the PIN or password will be required to unlock the screen; in addition, the owner can make him show a message on the display, with his contacts.

Remote locking the cell phone.Remote locking the cell phone.Source: André Dias – Tecmundo / Reproduction

5. The third function, “Clean device”, is a very radical measure and should only be activated if there are no more chances to recover it. By clicking on it, all the data on the phone will be erased (except for the memory card, if it has one), returning to the factory settings, and you will no longer be able to track it.

Resetting the cell phone.Resetting the cell phone.Source: André Dias – Tecmundo / Reproduction

In-app tracking

If you prefer to use the tracking system on another phone or tablet, do the following:

1. Download the Find My Device app from Google Play Store and install it.

2. Enter the Google account data belonging to the missing device and log in.

Using the app to track the smartphone.Using the app to track the smartphone.Source: André Dias – Tecmundo / Reproduction

3. Select the cell phone on the screen and check the information provided – it will only appear if the missing phone has an active connection.

4. The same options listed above, in the procedure done via computer, will be available here. Choose according to your needs.

The options are the same as those available on the PC.The options are the same as those available on the PC.Source: André Dias – Tecmundo / Reproduction

It is worth remembering that tracking via the app also requires that the device has been prepared to be located by the tool, before it is gone.

Another important detail is that the location shown on the map is approximate and may not be accurate. And if it is not possible to show where it is currently, the platform will try to display its last visible location, if available.

This same tracking feature can also be used to find a lost or stolen tablet, if it has the Android system.

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