How to use Android apps on Windows 10 PC?

It is no secret that Microsoft has invested heavily in improving the connections of its operating system, Windows, with others available on the market. In March 2019, for example, the company implemented the functionality to display notifications from Android devices on the PC screen in real time. Now, it’s time for smartphone users with the Google OS to run applications directly on the computer.

According to the company, the novelty will soon be available to all audiences that have compatible devices. With it, pinning the apps to the startup bar, in addition to using them to conduct research, place orders, chat and even play games, are among the possibilities. To do this, just use your Wi-Fi network and connect Android to your computer using Your Phone.

It is necessary to know, however, that only one application at a time can be run, since it is a mirroring feature and will only display what is currently running. When you open another one, the first one will be replaced.

New feature makes it possible to interact with Android applications on your PC.New feature makes it possible to interact with Android applications on your PC.Source: reproduction

Click x Touch

Still according to Microsoft, the experience does not rule out the use of mice, trackpads, keyboards, pens or touch screens on computers, even noting that not all applications will work with peripherals, without specifying which ones. Anyway, here are some guidelines.

For any interaction that requires a unique touch, just click once. When pressing the right mouse button, the user returns to the previous page. On the other hand, clicking and holding reproduces the effect of pressing the smartphone screen without removing your finger from the display, while clicking, holding and dragging allows the selection of content. Finally, the scroll allows navigation between pages vertically or horizontally.

If the goal is to pin an app to the Windows startup bar, open the Your Phone app, go to Apps and right-click on the desired option.

The complete list of compatible devices is available on the Microsoft website.

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