Learn how to download and update Google Play Services

Google Play Services may not be that well known to most Android users, but it is a key part of a good experience with Google’s operating system. Introduced in 2012, the app was developed to address compatibility issues, updates and app support from within Google Play.

The main functionality is to make the operating system and apps communicate more intelligently, regardless of the device manufacturer or even the Android distribution being used, since the Google system user base is fragmented into several active system versions.

What is Google Play Services and how does it work?

As a native application of the system, Google Play Services works with a library of APIs, which in turn, make the same app work on any Android device. Of course, some specific apps may not support a particular device, in which case, it is Google Play Services that displays the incompatibility message on the Google Play Store.

Google Play Services works in the background, working to ensure that all functions of your Android device work properly. The app is still responsible for communicating apps with specific APIs, such as access to maps, game resources and user location or data. For this reason, anyone who, while using an application, has already encountered the error message: “Google Play Services has stopped working”, knows that even in the background, the system application is essential.

How to update Google Play Services?

Essential applications for the system, tend to use the automatic update feature, which applies to Google Play Services or even to Google Play Store. Eventually, if an update is required, the system may still require the user to manually update to access a specific feature, but if you want to update Google Play Services manually, just follow the procedure below:

  • Access your Android device’s settings:

Android settings screen.Android settings screen.Source: Reproduction / Fernando Sousa

  • Locate Google Play Services in your list of applications:

List of Android apps.List of Android apps.Source: Reproduction / Fernando Sousa

  • In application details, select “uninstall updates” to remove the current installed version:

Access to the detailed application menu.Access to the detailed application menu.Source: Reproduction / Fernando Sousa

  • Then, select “app details in the store” at the bottom of the screen:

Remove the current version of the app to reinstall the updated version.Remove the current version of the app to reinstall the updated version.Source: Reproduction / Fernando Sousa

  • Use the update button to download the latest version of the app directly from the Google Play Store.

As it is a system app, the option to disable it may appear on some devices.As it is a system app, the option to disable it may appear on some devices.Source: Reproduction / Fernando Sousa

After completing the installation of the new version, you can now use all Google Play services again. Remembering that it is also possible to check the availability of service updates directly through Google Play, in the “My Apps and games” menu.

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