Nokia is the most trusted brand for Android phones, says study

Nokia, currently licensed as a brand to HMD Global, is the leader of the newest reliability ranking from Counterpoint Research. The survey consulted consumers of Android smartphones to identify the company that is best rated by the public in various categories.

In all, the test is focused on four pillars: software updates, security updates, quality and durability tests, and recommendation of devices for corporate use.

Nokia won first place mainly for its excellent performance in updates: the smartphones of the brand receive improvements and security fixes monthly, receiving a perfect score in this regard. The same goes for Android versions: all devices currently on the market are on Android 10, totaling 20 models. It was also the most recommended brand for use in business environments.

The security update notes show the good rating of Nokia and OnePlus.The security update notes show the good rating of Nokia and OnePlus.Source: Counterpoint Research

Finally, the manufacturer also received praise in terms of durability tests done before putting a device up for sale – including rigid tests of pressure, bending, drops, scratches and contact with liquids.

Other brands

The second best rated company in the Counterpoint test was OnePlus. Even with the smallest number of devices on the market, it has greater control over the catalog and keeps all seven devices updated on Android 10, with 90% of them updated monthly for security reasons.

The rest of the manufacturers were criticized in the survey for their uneven performance in updates. The exceptions are Samsung, which received praise for its effort to keep the software in a regular phase, despite the vast catalog, and Realme, already with good results even with little time in the market.

The final grades of Android smartphone manufacturers.The final grades of Android smartphone manufacturers.Source: Counterpoint Research

The above ranking shows the scores of the ten manufacturers consulted in each of the categories. After Nokia and OnePlus, Samsung, Xiaomi, Realme, Huawei, Lenovo (including Motorola), Oppo and Vivo appear. In the list, LG came in last, especially for its performance in the criteria of software update and protection.

The complete study in English can be seen on the website of the consulting firm.

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