Now you can ‘unmask’ fake news directly on WhatsApp

Agência Lupa launched a channel on WhatsApp to check content and clarify false information, the famous fake news. Through this channel, messenger users can send verification suggestions for analysis by Agência Lupa’s team.

Whenever the material is checkable, the journalists of Agência Lupa will produce the content, and the question will be answered through the automated profile within the application. The project was carried out in partnership with WhatsApp and developer Meedan.

“This tool expands the scope of Lupa’s work, while at the same time bringing the agency closer to the public. It strengthens our monitoring of the false information environment and allows our reader another channel of communication with us. Thus, he has more access to verified information when making decisions that impact his life and society ”, says Natália Leal, the agency’s content director.

How to request a fake news check?

To interact with Agência Lupa on WhatsApp, just send a “hello” to number +55 21 99193-3751. Upon receiving the message, the Lupa profile sends a menu, through which the reader chooses to send a suggestion or receive the latest checks produced by the team. If you want Agência Lupa to check specific suspicious content, the user only needs to choose option 1 and, after the “robot” confirms receipt, send your question.

If the content has already been verified, the reader will receive the check. If the team has not yet checked the information, it will be verified and a new verification will be produced on the subject.

Suggestions can be sent by text, photo, video, audio or link. It is worth remembering that Agência Lupa does not check opinion, humor, future projections or facts for which public data are not available, according to the methodology audited annually by the International Fact-Checking Network (IFCN), the network that brings together fact checkers around the world.

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