Record TV is hacked – TecMundo

Record TV of São Paulo suffered a hacker attack this Saturday (31). The attack, characterized as deface, was carried out by members of the Digital Space group. One of the group’s members was arrested in June for leaking the personal data of President Jair Bolsonaro and family members.

Deface is a form of hacker attack that can be characterized as graffiti: after hacking the website, the cybercriminal includes text, audio or video as a form of protest. In this case, the group alludes to the member who was arrested months before.

Google search still shows traces of the attack

In total, four domains and subdomains were invaded:, recordtvpaulista, and The scam was signed by M1keSecurity, 0z4na and H4x03. The information was sent to TecMundo during the early hours of Saturday (31).

defaceDeface registered with Zone-h

The deface was registered on the Zone-H website. The present message said the following – access has already been normalized on the Record website: “Digital Space has returned stronger than ever. Freedom will sing! PJL for the brothers who are in lock !!! You want to stop the invasions, get a job in the area for us! ” (sic, as written).

GoogleHack still appears in Google Search

Record TV did not comment on the case and access was normalized. However, Google search still shows traces of the attack. If news appears, this news will be updated.

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