Tab S: Samsung works in extended view for Windows

According to information published on the website Android Police this Friday (18), sources from Samsung spoke of a project known as “Sidekick”, to be implemented on the Galaxy Tab S7 and S7 + later this year. This may be an Android version of an extended view similar to Apple’s Sidecar.

Since the Apple company introduced, in 2019, the feature that allows you to use iPad to extend or mirror the Mac screen, it is speculated that sooner or later, the original Android manufacturers would end up copying the idea. The Sidekick project may be the Samsung version of the Sidecar.

According to Samsung sources, the Sidekick will support S Pen input from the tablet to the Active Pen on the computer. That means being able to use the Samsung tablet as an input device for a Windows PC. Sidekick will support different levels of pressure and orientation, in addition to functioning as an active pen for Windows laptops and tablets, using Wacom scanners.

Source: Samsung / DisclosureSource: Samsung / DisclosureSource: Samsung

A powerful feature for Android tablets

As the Sidecar allows you to simulate a second screen, the user of an Apple computer, such as a MacBook for example, can connect to an external device, such as an iPad Pro, and use it as an extended touchscreen monitor, or even a screen with a pen with Apple Pencil. Previously, these features depended on expensive Wacom tablets.

With the introduction of Sidekick, Samsung would theoretically allow any Windows laptop or desktop user to connect their Galaxy Tab S7 to use as an extended screen or drawing surface. This opens up a huge field of possibilities, as software such as Adobe Illustrator could be used on an Android tablet in the pen holder.

Finally, but not least, there is the issue of the chronic image problem, with brightness deficiencies in apps dedicated to tablets, a subject for which Google has overlooked. Samsung’s new Sidekick would end up solving the problem indirectly, which would make it one of the most important features to arrive on an Android tablet in recent times.

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