What is Samsung Account? Learn how to create or disable your account

Samsung Account is a service offered to users of Samsung devices that allows the user, through an account linked to their devices, to synchronize their data between their devices, use a manufacturer’s cloud storage system and link their biometrics to access from faster way associated accounts on social networks and web services.

Working similarly to Apple’s iCloud, Samsung Account is available on smartphones, tablets and wearables from the manufacturer, thus allowing you to easily share themes and your personal settings between your devices, making the migration from a current device to a new Samsung is much easier.

More safety and convenience

The Samsung Account also incorporates the Samsung Pass, which allows you to access linked services through biometrics, and Samsung Pay, which offers payment facilities for those who have a credit card linked to the account to use the payment system by approximation of Samsung in selected establishments. Using Samsung Account, users also have access to personalized support services and community forums with other users of branded devices.

Samsung Account users can still use Samsung Cloud, which is the South Korean cloud storage service, which in turn has already offered 15 GB of free storage, but currently only offers 5 GB for new users . The service that works as an alternative to iCloud, OneDrive and Google Drive, storing photos, videos, contacts and more user data in the cloud, should be discontinued as of July 2021, but, due to a partnership between Samsung and Microsoft, allows users’ data to migrate to OneDrive free of charge through backup.

How to create an account on Samsung Account?

You can create a new account in Samsung Account by accessing the service website or directly from your device’s configuration menu. On the website, after accessing the link, select the create account option.

Home page of the Samsung Account service.Samsung Account service home page.Source: Reproduction / Fernando Sousa

On the next page, it is necessary to know the terms and conditions of use of the service presented by the link “Details” of each item. If everything is in agreement, agree by checking the items and click on the “Agree” button at the bottom of the screen.

To access the service, you must agree to the terms of use.To access the service, you must agree to the terms of use.Source: Reproduction / Fernando Sousa

Then, it is necessary to register a contact email that will be validated, create a password and inform your personal data, completing the process in the “Next” button.

Just enter your details to complete the service registration.Just enter your details to complete the service registration.Source: Reproduction / Fernando Sousa

Accessing Samsung Account directly from the smartphone

The other way to create a Samsung Account is directly through your device’s settings menu. Access your Android device’s settings and look for the “Cloud and Accounts” item.

Android configuration menu gives access to the accounts menu.Android configuration menu gives access to the accounts menu.Source: Reproduction / Fernando Sousa

Next, access the Samsung Cloud which may be the first option to be displayed or search for the item “Add account” to add a new Samsung Account.

Android account settings menu on Samsung device.Android account settings menu on Samsung device.Source: Reproduction / Fernando Sousa

Select the option “Add account” and then select “Samsung Account” to be able to start the process of creating login and automatic registration validation. The account removal process can be performed directly from the Android configuration menu, accessing “Accounts, Samsung Account” and remove account via the shortcut at the top right of the screen.

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