You can clear your name for just R $ 50 in Serasa

A new special action carried out by Serasa starting this Monday (9th), within Feirão Limpa Nome, will give consumers with outstanding debts the possibility to pay them for R $ 50. The initiative is part of the 26th edition of the campaign , which ends on November 30, promising discounts of up to 99%.

According to the director of Marketing and Digital Channels at Serasa Giresse Contini, the objective of the action is to allow a greater number of indebted people to regularize their situation with creditors, having access to credit again after clearing the name.

The expectation of the institution is that 10 million debts will be paid for R $ 50 by the end of the month, taking advantage of the special payment conditions in relation to the original values ​​of the debts. The discount is offered by more than 50 companies that joined the campaign.

More than 50 companies are participating in the special action, offering up to 99% discount on debts.More than 50 companies are participating in the special action, offering up to 99% discount on debts.Source: Serasa / Reproduction

Banks, financial institutions, telecommunications operators, educational institutions, retailers and electricity distributors are some of the segments included. Among the participants are companies such as Vivo, Claro, Oi, Sky, Banco do Brasil, Santander, Casas Bahia, Havan, Recovery, Pitágoras, Conect Car, Cemig, CPFL, Light, Unopar, Hipercard, Anhanguera and Itaú.

Ways to renegotiate debts by Feirão

Consumers interested in taking advantage of special payment terms can renegotiate through Feirão Limpa Nome Serasa website, on the Serasa app, via WhatsApp (11-99575-2096) or by calling 0800-591-1222. It is necessary to inform the CPF and other personal data to verify if you are entitled to the benefit of paying debts for only R $ 50.

It is also possible to renegotiate discounted debts at more than 7 thousand Post Office branches across Brazil, for those who prefer face-to-face service. Just go to the nearest unit and present the documents, emphasizing that, in this case, a fee is charged for confirming the agreement.

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