Discord starts testing screen sharing on Android

The Discord app started testing screen sharing on Android. The function had already appeared in the app codes in September, but is now officially available to participants of the platform’s beta in version 48.2.

Some videos of the tool in action have already started to appear on the internet. The screen broadcast option appears in the bottom bar of the application, between the camera and microphone buttons.

Screen sharing works on calls and also in group chats. As with the PC, the function allows the user to show other applications running in real time to call participants.

The application also displays a series of warnings before starting the screen broadcast. The purpose of Discord is to alert the user to sensitive information that can be shared while using the function, since, in group calls, several people will see the content of the smartphone.

Discord displays a warning before the user starts screen castingDiscord displays a warning before the user starts screen castingSource: XDA Developers

Discord also added a button in the center of the function’s screen to stop screen sharing. In addition, the interface received a sliding menu that includes extra options for using the feature, including changing the audio source.

Screen sharing is a feature that already exists in Discord for computers and its arrival on mobile phones can be considered a reflection of the growth of the application. With the pandemic and the success of games like Among Us, the platform entered the radar of several people.

In addition to having audio and text communication tools, Discord also has a server system that allows you to create online communities. The application is available on PC, Android and iOS and can be downloaded for free.

Although screen sharing is already available in beta on Android, there is still no estimate of how much the function will be officially launched for smartphones.

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