USP 2020 Virtual Book Party has discounts starting at 50%

The 2020 edition of the Book Festival of the University of São Paulo (USP) began this Monday (9), in a different way from previous years. Because of the new coronavirus pandemic, it will be carried out virtually, offering a minimum 50% discount on bonds.

Organized by Editora da USP (Edusp) since 1999, the traditional fair, which annually brings together thousands of reading enthusiasts in the same space, this time will replace physical stands with virtual stands, allowing the participation of people from anywhere in the country by computer or cell phone.

According to the organization of the event, approximately 170 publishers will be present in this edition, from small labels to the best known. Each of them will have a page available to introduce themselves, show the list of discounted books and take visitors to their own virtual stores, where the purchase can be made.

Virtual visitors will be able to buy their favorite books without leaving home.Virtual visitors will be able to buy their favorite books without leaving home.Source: Pixabay

The forms of payment, the value of the freight and the deadline for delivery, among other commercial conditions, will be defined individually by the publishers participating in the fair, as well as the discount, which can reach more than 50%. Therefore, visitors will not be able to take books from several publishers in the same purchase, and must make purchases separately.

Virtual visits to the Book Festival

To visit the USP 2020 Book Festival, simply access the event website and browse the list of participating publishers, which includes companies such as Editora Vozes, Paulinas, Panda Books, Melhoramentos, Edições Sesc, Elefante, Editora Senac and Alameda, in addition to several others.

By clicking on the desired company, you can check the titles made available by it and the books on sale, with a discount on the cover price. In cases where all the publisher’s titles have a reduced value, there are no lists in the virtual stores.

It is worth remembering that the site will operate until next Sunday (15), when the Book Festival 2020 ends.

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