10 tech news to get you started the day (12/11)

Good Morning! We separated the main news from the world of Science and Technology for you to know everything that happened last Wednesday (11). To check each news item in full, just click on the links below.

1. False! Xbox Series X is not heating up and smoking. Some users have seen videos of Xbox Series X emitting a lot of smoke, but it is just a dull joke using vape (electronic cigarette).

2. Chinese Black Friday: the best offers LIVE. Single’s Day has arrived and we are selecting the best live offers for you to enjoy.

3. Phil Spencer has played a lot of Elden Ring: ‘Miyazaki’s most ambitious game’. The game is alive and well, but one detail draws attention: Phil Spencer LOVED the game!

4. It’s official: Project xCloud arrives in Brazil and registration starts now. Play wherever and however you want: xCloud, a Microsoft project for the cloud revolution, brings Xbox games to your phone and has a date in Brazil. In fact, registration starts NOW!

5. Windows 10 will have new customizations after updating. The news is being made from user interactions in the open source PowerToys application.

6. ‘They forgot me’: TikTok goes to court on Trump’s response. Deadline for the company to sell its assets in the USA would end tomorrow.

7. The Last of Us Part 2 and God of War have tactile response on PS5 DualSense. The Last of Us part 2 and God of War were tested on DualSense, the new PS5 controller and responded very well at various times.

8. Xiaomi starts selling products through Rappi. The new Xiaomi website bets on a more modern and intuitive look, with personalized suggestions for each user.

9. China intends to restrict the power of technology giants. The proposal is to limit the actions of local companies, which, alone, are capable of altering the country’s financial system.

10. Spider-Man Remastered: see graphical comparison between PS5 and PS4. Videos and photos show how the new Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered version looks better on PS5.

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