‘Minecraft apps’ trick millions of users in the Android store

The digital security company Avast found several applications for Android that pretended to be services and utilities for games, but were actually attempts to deal a scam to the user.

Apps are known as “fleeceware” and initially offer some very tempting advantages for a free trial period, such as free coins or special game items. Thus, whoever goes after new skins, wallpapers or modifications to the game ends up even agreeing to the charge, but ends up having to pay a much higher amount than expected.

Gradually, the application begins to charge your card, which can lead to great losses for unsuspecting victims or those who do not check the invoice frequently. As the process takes place within the subscription model offered by the Google Play Store, the scam can stay even longer in the air.

The list of fraudulent apps identified in the Android store.The list of fraudulent apps identified in the Android store.Source: Avast

The Avast report points to seven apps related to two popular games, especially among a younger audience: Minecraft and Roblox. Two of them had already exceeded 1 million downloads and were charging a subscription of $ 30 a week.

The company has already contacted Google, but until the publication of this article the apps were still on the air.

One of the apps considered harmful.One of the apps considered harmful.Source: Avast

If you installed or subscribed to one of these services, uninstall it immediately and cancel the contract in the “Subscription” item in the online store menu.

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