How to make a personalized email?

Creating an email has become an important task nowadays, since most services require you to have an email address to perform various actions. Google, for example, requests a Gmail account for some activities, such as registering with the Play Store or even commenting on YouTube, for example.

Check out how to create an email on the main services available and also how to make personalized email.


(Source: Gmail / Reproduction)(Source: Gmail / Reproduction)Source: Gmail

To create your access to the Google service, you need to follow the steps outlined below:

1. Access the Gmail website, click Create an account and select whether the account will be created for you or your business;

2. Fill in the data in the field name and surname, and then choose the desired name for your e-mail (you can use a period as a separator, if you want, such as “[email protected]”);

3. In the field password, enter the desired combination. The ideal is to make a sequence of numbers, special characters and letters to make it stronger;

4. Click on confirm, then on next and your account will be created;

5. It is valid to add another recovery email, if you have one, and also inform your date of birth, gender and cell phone (this is optional). Once this is done, you will receive a code to confirm the creation of the email address.


(Source: Outlook / Reproduction)(Source: Outlook / Reproduction)Source: Microsoft

1. To start creating an account through the Microsoft service, go to the Outlook account login page and click Create one;

2. Enter the email address you want (you can also use more than one name all together or separate with a period, for example) and click Next;

3. Set a password for accessing your account. Remember not to use a very complicated combination, but avoid obvious codes (like your date of birth, for example);

4. Continue the process indicating your name, surname, country and date of birth by clicking on Next at the end of each procedure;

5. The final step includes entering the verification code you will receive to complete the process of creating your email.


(Source: Yahoo / Reproduction)(Source: Yahoo / Reproduction)Source: Yahoo

1. Access Yahoo! Mail and select the option to create an account;

2. Add your name, surname and choose the desired name to appear in your email;

3. After choosing your user, set the password (always remembering to create a strong combination by mixing letters and numbers and easy to be memorized);

4. On the next screen, include your cell phone number and your date of birth in the fields indicated;

5. Enter your gender (if desired), click Continue and after you receive the code, enter it in the corresponding field to verify your account and complete the process.

Custom email

If you want to create a personalized email (with [email protected] address, for example), you need to subscribe to some specific service for this purpose.

There are several options on the market, such as the G Suite. This is a corporate package from Google that allows you to customize e-mails for you and your team. Office 365 users can also create a personalized email, but you must pay to have a domain before performing this action.

Do you know any other free service to create email? Share your opinion with other readers in the space below for comments.

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