How to record calls on Android phone

Although the frequency with which telephone calls are made has decreased over time, they are still widely used, especially for emergency conversations. Do you know how to record calls?

Google has started to provide a function on the link itself that allows you to record it without the need to install an external application.

How to record calls on Android

First you need to check if the device has the Google phone app, installed and updated in the latest version. To do this, simply consult the Play Store.


That done, we move on to the practical part. When making or receiving a call, various options are shown on the main screen, such as placing the call on speakerphone and opening the numeric keypad; the recording tool is now also available.


When clicking on this option, the system displays a message about security issues, after all when a call is recorded both parties must be aware, since it is a private moment. With this, there is also a risk of exposure to the public, legal proceedings and much more, so you need to be aware.

When the conversation ends or you decide to stop recording, just press the button on the call screen again and it will be saved on the device.

It is important to note that not all Android phones immediately have the recording function, as it is still being tested and distributed gradually, using feedback from some users to know what is working and what needs to improve before release. Final.

Access recordings

To be able to listen to the files saved on Android, just open the Phone app and search the call history to have access to all recordings made and saved on the device. You can hear them by clicking on the “Play” option. If there is any dispensable, just delete it by sliding the file to the left. If you end up selecting the wrong recording, you can cancel the change.

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How to record calls on Xiaomi phones

It is important to emphasize that some brands already offer their own call recording tool, such as Xiaomi. For devices with MIUI12, the updated version of the Xiaomi operating system, the feature is available on the call screen when a call is made or received. To record it, just tap “Record”.

Another important point is that the recording only starts when the call is answered; while the number is being dialed or put on hold, the function does not work.

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