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You’ve probably heard of the term live, but do you really know what it stands for? In 2020, there was an exponential increase in this type of event, leading people to know it, whether by doing live or just watching.

Now, you can understand better about the very meaning of live, in addition to the platforms on which they can be made and the difference between some online events that are seen as live, but in practice they are not. Check out.

After all, what is live?

The term ended up becoming popular on the internet, but the history of the emergence of live is much earlier. It started to be disseminated on television through live broadcasts and that is exactly the concept of live: when there is an event of some kind, or simply a conversation, and it is being broadcast live so that viewers can watch in time real.

Generally, they are famous people who get the largest number of viewers during occasions like this, as fans feel closer to seeing a well-known figure speak in real time, without cuts or edits, as usually happens.

(Source: Instagram / Anitta / Reproduction)(Source: Instagram / Anitta / Reproduction)Source: Instagram

In addition live it also allows more space for interaction in real time, so whoever is doing the live broadcast can read comments and sketch out more authentic reactions, generating this approximation.

It is worth noting, however, that not only famous people can make lives on the internet. On the contrary, the feature is available to any user on several platforms. It is possible to simply chat, play or do any other activity, as long as it does not violate the guidelines of each application.

Where to watch lives?

More and more platforms have added the function of making live in your apps. One of the main ones is YouTube, which allows the user to make live streams that last up to 12 hours, but not all have the same limit available.

Social networks, such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, have also implemented the feature. Instagram recently extended the duration of lives on the platform to 4 hours.

In addition, a segment that is gaining more and more attention is that of game streaming, whose potential has become increasingly high due to Twitch, a platform that supports gamers and provides a space designed specifically in this entertainment niche.

(Source: YouTube / Alanzoka / Reproduction)(Source: YouTube / Alanzoka / Reproduction)Source: YouTube

At Twitch, lives can last up to 48 hours, both those made by the computer and those transmitted via smartphone. This is the longest possible duration of a live across all platforms that provide the service.

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