YouTube launches audio ads for listeners and podcasts

Google announced on Tuesday (17) a new form of ads for the YouTube video platform. They are advertisements of up to 15 seconds only in audio or with few visual elements that are not essential for the consumption of the content (such as still images or simple movements).

The novelty is currently being tested for a group of advertisers and creators. The goal is to monetize those who consume the platform only in the form of playlists or podcasts – that is, just listening to the content or even in the background. This is also a way to profit in a segment that already generates a lot of revenue for other platforms, such as Spotify. Remember that the Google service also has a paid and ad-free modality, YouTube Music.

According to the company, more than 50% of users logged on the platform consume more than 10 minutes of music content per day, which means plenty of space to increase brand visibility. In tests conducted in recent months, 75% of sound advertising on the platform “led to a significant increase in visibility” for the companies involved.

More options and tools

Along with audio ads, YouTube has officially announced the arrival of dynamic lineups, which are described as “pre-created segments that help you reach your target audience using the most interesting content for”. More information about this feature can be found at service support page for advertisers.

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