Android 12 can be updated via Play Store

Google may take another big step to reduce Android fragmentation in the next version of the operating system. According to information obtained by the XDA Developers, Android 12 (or S) may arrive with a new Mainline project module to facilitate the distribution of important updates, which, in theory, can be downloaded from the Play Store.

According to details from a Google engineer, the company plans to transform Android Runtime (ART) into an upgradeable module. With that, the company will have extra control of that part of the system, which will become more independent from smartphone manufacturers.

Android 12 can be updated via Play StoreSource: XDA Developers

The change will allow Google to release ART updates more frequently and without the need for an intermediary from the manufacturers. The company will also be able to send updates through the Play Store, which will facilitate download and distribution.

Decreasing fragmentation

The change can bring the experience of using Android on different devices closer, making life easier for those who develop applications, for example. On the other hand, manufacturers will lose the possibility of modifying ART in their customized interfaces, which should limit the launch of exclusive functions on certain smartphones.

Still, the change will certainly be positive on the big picture. Smartphone manufacturers often delay the distribution of Android updates and Google has made changes to the system structure to ensure faster updates.

The company’s main weapons for speeding upgrades are the Mainline and Treble projects. The initiatives aim to compartmentalize Android to facilitate the distribution of updates.

While the strategy did not take effect immediately, the new approach has already started to bring changes to the market. According to Google, Android 10 was the system that had the fastest distribution in the history of the OS. It remains now to wait to see if the new edition of the software repeats this success.

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