Brazil is the second country that most talks about Black Friday on Twitter

Brazil is the second country that most mentions and comments about Black Friday in the world, according to Twitter data. The country is second only to the United States, generating 130% more relevance to the topic annually, with 89% of the publications being positive conversations about the wave of offers.

The reinforcement of retailers and e-commerce in the prior disclosure of Black Friday offers assumes great responsibility for the growth of the subject. The North American tradition was imported into the country about a decade ago and has become more popular every year, mainly in Brazilian electronic commerce, gradually becoming a reference for the Brazilian consumer.

Of this year’s mentions, 86% of them are related to the reduced values ​​of the event; 57% of them comment on free shipping opportunities, and 35% talk about purchases of joint items – the percentage is greater than 100% because several of the publications address more than one theme. Finally, the term “cashback” is still not so relevant, reaching only 17% of the comments.

National e-commerce should be an even bigger highlight in 2020.National e-commerce should be an even bigger highlight in 2020.Source: Pixabay

The data reveal that the Brazilian expects greater discounts related to the Apparel market – clothing, shoes and accessories; therefore, cell phones take 55% of comments, computers and related items take 53%, followed by books, comics and magazines (47%) and video games and consoles (38%). In the ranking lantern are subscriptions to applications and streaming services, with only 22% of comments.

This year, e-commerce is expected to outperform face-to-face sales, due to the covid-19 pandemic and the recommendation of social distance. Still, it is not guaranteed that the event will break records in previous years, due to the strong crisis faced by the Brazilian, high dollar, cut wages and other concerns.

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