GoDaddy brings offers for Black Friday with up to 70% discount

There is no way to disagree that the context in which we currently live has greatly changed our relationships and the way we work and even live. The pandemic forced many companies and businesses to go online, and people also had to get used to buying and consuming everything online.

Given this scenario, not having a virtual presence is practically a suicide. After all, that’s where your customers (and your competitors too) are. So, if you don’t already have a website, a professional email, an online store or your brand is not on the internet, GoDaddy helps you to change that situation.

GoDaddy is the biggest company when it comes to domain registration, creating websites and online stores, professional e-mails and website hosting. In addition to standing out in these services, the company offers a range of tools to assist those who want to highlight their identities on the network.

In this article, GoDaddy invited us to show how it has done its part to make small businesses successful and why your business needs a website. For this Black Friday, GoDaddy is giving up 70% off in your services, check it out! l

GoDaddy in action

GoDaddy has helped many entrepreneurs create their online presence.GoDaddy has helped many entrepreneurs create their online presence.Source: GoDaddy

Although well known for domain registration and website creation services, GoDaddy offers much more than that, as it provides all the necessary components to establish an effective and unforgettable online presence.

If you already have a website, GoDaddy hosting plans will make your portal fast, secure and stable. What’s more, creating a professional email is the ideal way for entrepreneurs to create a more serious image. Online marketing resources, in turn, enhance your capabilities.

In other words, through its services, the company has paved the way for many professionals to expand their businesses and fulfill their dreams. It is a complete solution to take ideas to the online world, and its personalized and specialized support does not leave any professional at hand.

Why does my business need a website?

Doesn't your business have a website yet?  What are you waiting for?Doesn’t your business have a website yet? What are you waiting for?Source: GoDaddy

The pandemic has also come to show the importance of having an online presence. Even small local businesses that only serve their hometown need a website. After all, the internet is the number one destination for people when looking for a product or service. The website helps the business to:

  • Promote and sell your products and services
  • Connect with new customers and keep existing ones
  • Develop credibility
  • Compete with larger companies
  • Control the brand and keep marketing fresh and updated

Anyone who thinks that creating and maintaining a website is expensive is wrong. In fact, with GoDaddy, it is possible to establish an online structure with little expense, starting at R $ 14.99 / month, and still have a set of complete marketing tools for any business – something essential for those who work with sales. Want to know more? click here.

At GoDaddy, it is easy to set up your e-commerce, as creating a responsive website, with no transaction fee and with more than 5,000 products with 10 images each is practical and intuitive. Thus, success is well underway.

What about professional email?

Create your professional email now!Create your professional email now!Source: GoDaddy

Having a professional email is another way to create an online presence the right way. And there are countless reasons to switch your free email to an email with your domain. Here are some good reasons:

  • A professional email receives nine times more response than a generic email (@gmail or @hotmail, for example)
  • Customers tend to rely much more on a professional address, such as [email protected], than on a [email protected]
  • Professional email offers world-class security with industry-leading spam and virus filters
  • Personalized email addresses promote your business more effectively. Whenever you send an email, you end up disclosing your address on the internet to customers (existing or potential), encouraging them to visit your website

Therefore, there is no reason to continue using a free email if you want to have more online presence. A professional address is another way to stay relevant and grow on the internet, don’t be left behind!

GoDaddy on Black Friday

To celebrate Black Friday, GoDaddy is releasing a series of exclusive offers that are not available on its website. Check out what they are:

  • Professional email for only R $ 2.99 / month
  • Package with Online Store + Domain + email by $ 39.99 / month
  • WordPress hosting + domain + email and free SSL for R $ 12.99 / month (61% discount)
  • CPanel hosting + domain + email + free SSL for $ 9.99 / month (64% discount)
  • SSL Standard only R $ 69.99 the first year
  • Email marketing tool by $ 19.99 / month

These are exclusive offers for the Black Friday period and they can truly help to leverage your business and create your online presence.

Are you interested? So you saw this link and discover all GoDaddy offers for Black Friday.

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