Google: news feed will get ‘likes’ counter soon

Last Wednesday (25), a Twitter user reported a rather curious addition to the feed Google’s Discover service. In its most recent update, it is possible to ‘like’ the news presented while the user browses the interface. The system will now gain a counter likes, which should mark the performance of the ads – something questionable, considering the trend of other social networks.

The measure aims to help users interact as a community, in addition to promoting better results in the selection of content and news for their individual taste. However, the implementation of the counter goes against the trend initiated by Instagram, among other social networks, which hid the numbers of ‘likes’ in their posts on the mobile app, in order to minimize comparisons and encourage an environment where users feel less pressured having high numbers of ‘likes’.

Google Discovery – formerly called Now and after, Feed – it is present in several digital environments already integrated into users’ daily lives, such as in the Google Home application, in the Chrome browser and even already embedded in some Android operating systems.

Currently, news is displayed to the user according to their history of internet activity, location and content preferences. The ‘tanned’ update should refine the filter and improve the final browsing experience.

The update is already being released, gradually, for some users. Google should test the feature for a limited time, waiting for feedback from Internet users before integrating it into all applications.

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