Cyber ​​Monday or Black Friday: what are the differences between the dates?

Black Friday has already achieved the grace of the Brazilian consumer, who takes advantage of e-commerce and face-to-face offers throughout the national territory. The tradition imported from the United States to warm up the market in the second half of the year brought with it another great day of offers, Cyber ​​Monday; but how does it work?

Also known as “Cyber ​​Monday”, Cyber ​​Monday is an event exclusively for e-commerce, with discounts as attractive as those of Black Friday. In the USA, the day takes place on the first Monday after Thanksgiving Day, at the beginning of the week following Black Friday.

The main difference between the events is that Cyber ​​Monday is exclusively for digital commerce, excluding offers from in-person stores. Previously, the offers of this well-known Monday were aimed at gadgets, technological devices, smartphones, notebooks and other accessories of the sector; but the tradition was changing as the event’s popularity grew.

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Therefore, just as Black Friday was created for face-to-face offers, Cyber ​​Monday was intended for offers in online stores. However, in practice, the two days can be used by the retailer that wants to offer special discounts.

Cyber ​​Monday or Black Friday: which is the best?

Both dates have the same purpose: to offer unmissable discounts in all sectors and to warm up the market. For the consumer, it is worth keeping an eye on the two days already with desired products and acquiring the best offer they find.

Still, it is worth mentioning that Cyber ​​Monday has a better history in the offer of electronic products. So it can be an interesting opportunity to keep an eye on notebooks, smartphones and other accessories.

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