Restoration and configuration of new Android will be faster

Google may bring news to Android to improve the installation of apps on new phones or those that have had their system restored. According to information shared by the XDA Developers, the system will allow certain apps to gain priority when installing in bulk.

The developer known as “luca020400” found evidence from Google engineers pointing to the novelty. According to the information, the company is preparing a system of “tips”, in which stores like the Play Store would be able to prioritize the installation of certain apps, including important and frequently used programs.

The feature under development promises to speed up the mass installation of apps on AndroidThe feature under development promises to speed up the mass installation of apps on AndroidSource: Android Authority

O XDA Developers describes that the function would have four modes of operation, which were marked as Default (default), Fast (fast), Bulk_Critical (mass and critical) and Bulk_Non_Critical (mass and non-critical).

More installation speed

Mass installations, which occur when the appliance is restored or has just been removed from the box, can undergo a major evolution with the function. With the tool, the Play Store would be able to choose the best apps to be put into action first on a new smartphone, such as tools coming from the cell phone manufacturer, for example.

The “Bulk_Critical” option would also be able to install several applications quickly, but giving up optimizations. Thus, the user can take advantage of the app and update it later to receive more stability during use.

The new smart install feature is still in development and is not expected to be released, as it hasn’t even been officially confirmed by Google. The main possibility is that the function will appear on Android 12, which will be released next year.

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