10 videos that rocked most on YouTube Brazil in 2020

On Tuesday (1st), Google released the list of videos that most hit YouTube Brazil in 2020, a year marked by musical lives and the intense use of the platform during quarantine.

Based on the viewing data between January 1st and November 15th, the Fluminense x Flamengo broadcast was the most viewed video of the year, followed by Flamengo x Boavista’s broadcast on FLA TV. Closing the podium, the video “Does money bring happiness?”, By Whindersson Nunes.

Whindersson Nunes's video was third.Whindersson Nunes’s video was third.Source: Whinderssonnunes / YouTube

See the list of the 10 most watched videos on YouTube in 2020 by Brazilians (except music videos, trailers and children’s videos):

  1. FluTV – Live Fla-Flu
  2. Flamengo vs Boavista Live
  3. Does money bring happiness?
  4. Felipe Neto Minecraft # 1
  5. Thiago Ventura | Special Thanks Only | Subtitled [4K]
  6. The Enigma – Complete
  7. Fun and cool food tricks || Food tips for 124 GO!
  8. Copa America 2020 | Free Fire
  9. Understand the story behind DANCING MEMES WITH Coffins

Trending music videos

The most viewed music videos of 2020 in Brazil were also listed, with emphasis on “Graveto”, by Marília Mendonça, and “Volta por Baixo”, by Henrique and Juliano.

Check out the top 10 music videos:

  1. Marília Mendonça – “GRAVETO” (Todos Os Cantos)
  2. Henrique e Juliano – “VOLTA POR BAIXO” – Live DVD at Ibirapuera
  3. MC Niack – “Oh Juliana” (kondzilla.com)
  4. Os Barões da Pisadinha – “Just You Call Me” (Live) ft. Xand Airplane
  5. Os Barões da Pisadinha – “Recairei” (Live)
  6. Dennis & MC Don Juan – “Te Prometo” (Official Clip)
  7. Acoustic Poetry # 9 – “Best Shape” – L7NNON | CHRIS | Shaman | Lourena | Cesar Mc | Djonga | Filipe Ret
  8. MC Marks – “God is for us” – Dj Muka (Official Clip)
  9. Eduardo Costa – “Still I’m There” (Official Clip) DVD #ForaDaLei
  10. Luísa Sonza – “BRABA”

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