Evernote has renewed design in Android update

The latest update to Evernote is coming to all Android devices starting this Tuesday (1st), right after its release for iOS, Mac and Windows. Among the novelties, the improved note editor, the renewed toolbar and more intuitive navigation stand out. The announcement was made through a post on the company’s official Twitter.

The experience of using the application has been improved with the new navigation bar, which is on the left side of its interface. There, you can switch between Evernote sections and find notes and memos without difficulty.

For this, there is also the search bar, which now supports suggestions in real time, making it easier to search for documents using keywords. Your text editor is also more consistent and robust, with several new formatting options, in addition to promoting better readability.

Evernote interface in new update for Android.  (Source: Evernote via Engadget / Reproduction)Evernote interface in new update for Android. (Source: Evernote via Engadget / Reproduction)Source: Evernote via Engadget

The new Evernote update is now available for selected devices and is expected to arrive soon for all Android users, being released gradually according to their version of the operating system. Initially, only users from Android 10 will have access to the app’s news.

However, the company has already confirmed that it is working to bring the new update to previous versions of the operating system.

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