Shopping Gift Guide: Google launches tool to search for gifts

In order to make life easier for consumers, Google unveiled the Shopping Gift Guide on Wednesday (2). Highlighted, the service searches for gifts according to public profiles, compares product prices and even indicates nearby stores.

At first available to the North American public, the page uses the main trends to make item indications. That way, it will be a great tool for Christmas shopping.

Shopping Gift Guide indicates products according to the person's personality.Shopping Gift Guide indicates products according to the person’s personality.Source: Google / Disclosure

In English, the Shopping Gift Guide page separates the audience into seven groups. Thus, they are divided as Chefs, Athletes, Technologists, Decorators, Wellness Gurus, Gamers and Children.

By clicking on the category, the user will find gift suggestions based on the items most searched by people with the same profile. For example, the Chefs menu features only kitchen accessories, such as coffee makers and mixers.

“We have identified the product categories that have been on the rise in the past few months and organized this into gift lists for people who are part of your life,” reveals the description on the official Google blog.

More than a Google price comparison

With several features of Google Shopping, the Gift Guide appears to be a very complete guide. In addition to acting as a price comparison, it allows the user to create alerts for when certain products are at a lower price.

However, the site promises to streamline users’ lives by gathering diverse information in just one place. According to the North American portal Engadget, this is a way for Google to rival big stores like Amazon and pages with similar proposals.

For now, there is no information on when the service will reach other countries. However, it is a tool worth paying attention to when you debut in Brazil.

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