10 tech news to get you started the day (3/12)

Good Morning! We have separated the main news from the world of Science and Technology for you to know everything that happened last Wednesday (3). To check each news item in full, just click on the links below.

1. Procon-SP requires Apple to provide iPhone 12 charger. Apple has failed to prove ‘environmental gains’ by cutting the accessory, nor has it presented its reverse logistics systems.

2. How to do the Spotify 2020 Retrospective. Check out your Spotify 2020 Retrospective at Wrapped 2020 on Android, iOS or PC.

3. Lucid completes 1st factory; 400 thousand electric cars a year is objective. First model produced will be the Air Dream.

4. Wooden monoliths in Germany also disappear mysteriously. In the shape of a penis, the totem was the one that stood the longest: four years.

5. New Zealand declares ‘state of climate emergency’. The country is committed to zero carbon emissions by 2050 and is working on renewable energy production.

6. UK releases Pfizer vaccine and will start application. First doses will be distributed from next week to risk groups and health professionals.

7. Understand what vaccination against covid-19 will be like in Brazil. The schedule, still provisional, will be divided into four phases.

8. PS5: ‘Others’ option on storage takes up gaming space. The player is left with less space on the PS5 without knowing the reason.

9. Brazilians get fines for downloading movies via torrent. Notifications are being sent to anyone who downloaded or shared three movies released in 2019.

10. Snapdragon 888: what will the new chip offer smartphones? Qualcomm has delved into more features of the Snapdragon 888 5G, its new 5 nanometer processor.

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