Visa and Mastercard can ‘demonetize’ PornHub for real rapes

Since the beginning of this year, a campaign has been trying to make PornHubse porn video platform accountable for the dozens of videos it hosted showing children being raped, tortured and brutalized – now Visa and Mastercard enter the scene, who have announced investigations into their financial links with MindGeek, the company that owns the platform.

Previously restricted to the Traffickinghub movement, evidence on how videos of rape, child abuse and non-consensual sexual violence are being made available without any verification has been made public – earlier this year, with an article published by BBC and now by the newspaper The New York Times.

“Visa is actively engaging with financial institutions to investigate the allegations against MindGeek. If the site is identified as not complying with applicable laws or acceptable use policies of financial institutions and underwriting standards, they will no longer be able to accept Visa payments, ”the credit card operator said in a statement.

In turn, Mastercard said that “if the reports are proven, we will take immediate action, such as asking the acquirer to end the relationship, unless an effective compliance plan is implemented”.


Other companies, like Paypal and American Express, do not allow their services to be used on adult content sites (PornHub has made other options available, such as blockchain-based cryptocurrency payments).

In February, Laila Mickelwait created the Traffickinghub (the petition already has 2.2 million signatures) to draw attention to the videos showing real scenes of sexual violence and torture displayed by the platform without any verification (in a tweet, later deleted, PornHub admitted knowing about the existence of a video in which a teenager is raped and tortured).

“Almost seven million videos are posted on Pornhub each year, and while most portray consensual acts, many are not. In each case, the culprits were held responsible, except Pornhub, which shared the videos and profited from them, ”said journalist Nicholas Kristof.

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