Love in times of pandemic: Tinder releases 2020 retrospective

In a year-end mood, Tinder decided to look back at the app’s trends in 2020 – and brought up interesting facts about pre-pandemic behaviors and those that manifested after the new coronavirus arrived on the planet. For example, in February, mentions of Carnival and blocks were high. Then, everything changed.

In March, “quarantine & chill” took off, but in April, with everyone isolated, users were left to talk about Big Brother Brasil, and the song “Don’t Start Now”, by Dua Lipa, reached the top 3 of the most added to profiles. Furthermore, since distraction from the situation was necessary, mentions of TikTok increased 8-fold, peaking in May. Gamer, in turn, became a striking feature of people, 2.5 times more cited in the analyzed period.

Another curiosity highlighted by the platform was the use of the term “saudade” in the application: twice as often in July when compared to the January figures. There were even five times more mention of “boring at home”, as well as 10 times more of the word “agglomeration”, in August – compared to the first months of 2020.

As for the recommendations for preventing covid-19, well, the “mask” has gained the spotlight, being cited 10 times more in this troubled year.

The urge to crowd was great, but mask first!The urge to crowd was great, but mask first!Source: reproduction

I was there all the time …

Politics was not left out of “bad luck”: mentions of “vote” doubled in 2020, and the term “feminist” remained high throughout the year, especially in May. In turn, illustrations with emojis for any subject grew four times in the period, a trend that remains. Among the champions? Beer, rainbows and “flame”. Still, one of them won the podium, the one that reflects the idea of ​​”I don’t know”.

And then, you, who are looking for your “partner” on social networks, have surrendered to some of these “traditions” of 2020 or remained different, discreet, out of the middle and low profile? Anyway, there is hope: the Passport function was used by 16% of the members – and digital travel increased seven times in relation to the 2019 averages. After the vaccine, who knows what will become of these first meetings?

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