YouTube receives support for lives with HDR

YouTube has revealed that it now supports live streams with HDR technology. The novelty is a big leap for the site, which becomes the first among the major video platforms to bring High Dynamic Range in lives.

YouTube live streams support colors with more depth in HDR10 and HLG standards. To perform a live with the function, the user needs to use one of the few encoders that is already compatible with the novelty – check the list on this website.

HDR content has a marker next to the resolutionHDR content has a marker next to the resolutionSource: Android Police

For those who want to watch live streams with HDR, just have a device compatible with the technology. The picture standard is already present in Smart TVs, PCs and Android smartphones. Chromecast Ultra can also stream with High Dynamic Range.

The user can check if the live streams are happening in HDR by accessing the video quality menu. Lives with the function enabled will have the “HDR” marker right next to the resolution indicator.

HDR lives arrive quite late compared to the support of the recorded video feature. The Google site has been uploading uploads with High Dynamic Range since 2016. In the same year, the company also started releasing live broadcasts in 4K on the platform.

In the past few months, Google has also improved the display of videos on Apple devices. The company released 4K resolution in the YouTube app for Apple TV and also brought support for HDR on the iPhone 12 in recorded content.

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