Google reveals terms that most hit Brazil in 2020

Google recently unveiled its report on the most popular issues in Brazil during the year 2020. As expected, the pandemic has taken over the terms most searched by Brazilians on the platform.

In addition to doubts about the coronavirus, emergency aid and quarantine, Brazilians were also connected in the United States elections. Despite being a recent topic, the clash between Donald Trump and Joe Biden secured positions among the top five most searched topics on Google Brazil.

Big Brother Brasil 20, which took place at the beginning of the year, is also among the most popular Google searches. The top 10 most searched terms in 2020 still include sports, notably the country’s soccer championships and the United States basketball league, the NBA.

Check below the main terms searched on Google in 2020 in Brazil. At the Trends official website, the company also separated other interesting researches that marked the year 2020 in the country.

The Year In Search special brings a summary of the most searched topics on Google in 2020 with Stories formatThe Year In Search special brings a summary of the most searched topics on Google in 2020 with Stories formatSource: Google Trends

In addition to bringing more details about the searches, the platform includes a division with images and curiosities about the main searches carried out in the world, bringing display in a format similar to the Stories of social networks like Instagram. Check it out here.

Searches of the year

1) Coronavirus
2) Emergency aid
3) Elections 2020
4) USA elections
5) BBB 2020
6) Brazil Cup
7) Google Classroom
8) Flamengo vs São Paulo
9) Brasileirão Serie A classification
10) NBA

Searches with “What is”

1) What is lockdown?
2) What is quarantine?
3) What is a pandemic?
4) What is unique registration?
5) What is coronavirus?
6) What is fascism?
7) What is Pix?
8) What is yuzu?
9) What is sorority?
10) What is Conar?

“How to make”

1) How to make fabric mask?
2) How to make alcohol gel?
3) How to make the registration unique?
4) How to make avatar on Facebook?
5) How to register emergency aid?
6) How do I get people to like me?
7) How to duet on TikTok?
8) How to do tie dye?
9) How to live on Instagram?
10) How to make a transfer by Pix?


1) Donald Trump
2) Luiz Henrique Mandetta
3) Joe Biden
4) Sergio Moro
5) Kim Jong Un
6) Manu Gavassi
7) Andressa Suita
8) Rafa Kalimann
9) Babu
10) Jorge Jesus


1) Diego Maradona
2) Tom Veiga
3) Kobe Bryant
4) Naya Rivera
5) Flávio Migliaccio
6) Chadwick Boseman
7) Rodrigo Rodrigues
8) Fernando Vanucci
9) Arnaldo Saccomani
10) Moraes Moreira


1) Coronavirus
2) Elections 2020
3) USA elections
4) Mariana Ferrer case
5) 200 reais note
6) Grasshopper cloud
7) Case of Father Robson
8) Post strike
9) Explosion in Beirut
10) Death of George Floyd


1) Among Us
2) Valorant
3) Fall Guys
4) Genshin Impact
5) The Last of Us 2
6) Minecraft Classic
7) Free Fire
8) PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds)
9) FIFA 21
10) Call of Duty: Warzone


1) Black Panther
2) 365 days
3) Miracle in Cell 7
4) Parasite
5) Frozen 2
6) 1917
7) A Star is Born
8) The Well
9) Enola Holmes
10) My Mother is a Play 3


1) The Witcher
2) Cobra Kai
3) Anne with E
4) Manifest
5) Elite
6) Emily in Paris
7) Vis a Vis
8) The Umbrella Academy
9) Good morning, Veronica
10) The Curse of Bly Mansion

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