Pornhub limits uploads after reporting rape videos

On Wednesday (9), Pornhub published a note about changes to the content delivery policy on the platform. Featured, the porn site will only accept materials produced by verified users and members of the Model Program.

The change occurs days after the New York Times publish an article on the damage caused by non-consensual videos published on the page. According to the article in the American newspaper, a large part involves the presence of underage girls, constituting rape.

After the article, Pornhub became the target of several investigations.After the article, Pornhub became the target of several investigations.Source: The Sun / Reproduction

In addition to restrictions on content published on the platform, Pornhub blocked the option to download videos for free. In this case, the measure is also a response to recent complaints.

According to the newspaper, even if the materials were removed from the platform, the downloaded copies continued to circulate on other adult content sites. This had serious personal consequences for the victims of non-consensual videos.

Finally, Pornhub announced the creation of a moderation team. Thus, the objective will be to “proactively remove content with possible violations previously submitted and to identify any flaws in the process”.

Visa and Mastercard are considering ending a partnership with the porn site.Visa and Mastercard are considering ending a partnership with the porn site.Source: Getty Images / Reproduction

Threat to end partnerships

The changes made by Pornhub are very significant, since the platform has gained popularity through materials sent by amateurs. However, the porn site already faces several problems due to the recent article.

In light of the information revealed and the pressure from the public, several companies are considering ending the partnership with the page. Among them are large payment companies such as Visa and Mastercard.

“Institutions like Visa and Mastercard, which have a partnership with Pornhub, are also profiting from the rape of minors,” Dawn Hawkins, senior vice president of the National Center for Sexual Exploitation, told the portal The Verge.

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