Mastercard and Visa demonetize Pornhub after reporting abuse

Mastercard and Visa suspended the payment process on the Pornhub website on Thursday (10). The action occurs after the article’s repercussion in the North American newspaper New York Times about child abuse content found on the platform.

Previously, payment companies announced that they would launch an investigation into the case. Thus, they made it clear that they could demonetize the adult site if the presence of illegal material was found.

Visa and Mastercard were being accused of Visa and Mastercard were being accused of “profiting from child abuse”.Source: News07Trend / Playback

In a note to the Reuters agency, Mastercard said it was definitely blocking the use of its credit cards on Pornhub. Thus, the decision was made after an investigation by the company confirmed the existence of illegal content on the platform.

Also in a statement, Visa announced that the investigation itself is still ongoing. However, until the material reviews are complete, it is momentarily suspending payment support on the website.

On the other hand, Pornhub said that the companies’ shares are “disappointing”. Thus, the site highlighted the recent changes to the content policy published on the platform and the creation of a moderation team.

New York Times article exposed serious cases of child abuse on Pornhub.New York Times article exposed serious cases of child abuse on Pornhub.Source: ABC News / Reproduction

Understand the case

Recently, the New York Times published an article on the presence of non-consensual pornographic content on Pornohub. Among them are materials with underage girls, which is classified as rape.

As the report points out, the free circulation of these videos brought serious personal consequences for the victims. As well, several copies of the illegal materials were being shared on other adult entertainment pages.

Pornhub initially denied all charges. However, after threats of termination of partnerships – as done by Visa and Mastercard – the company modified the rules for publishing content on the platform.

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