Centauro group buys NWB and creates sports ecosystem

The São Paulo group SBF, owner of the sporting goods retailer Centauro, announced on Monday (14) the purchase of content producer NWB, a network of digital channels such as “Desimpedidos”, “Acelerados”, “Fatality” and “Falcão 12 “, on Youtube. The acquisition, made for R $ 60 million, marks SBF’s entry into the content production segment.

Just two weeks after completing the purchase of Nike Brasil, a business that has practically doubled the size of the group, SBF intends to become “a sports ecosystem”, according to its president Pedro Zemel, in an investor conference call, in which he acknowledged that “NWB fulfills the content strategy”.

With the acquisition of Nike, the SBF group practically doubled in size (Source: BH Shopping / Nike / Disclosure)With the acquisition of Nike, the SBF group practically doubled in size (Source: BH Shopping / Nike / Disclosure)Source: BH Shopping / Nike

SBF’s strategy

With the acquisition, the SBF group sees the opportunity to monetize a qualified audience. One way is to seek to take these NWB consumers (81 million on Instagram and 73 million on YouTube) directly to Centauro.

Another bet is to invest in an entertainment model that sells, in which influencers, with their already engaged audience, would act as product sellers. There are also studies in progress, which involve promoting events, live streams and content, within a more robust technological structure that a larger group can provide.

Source: Centaur / ReproductionSource: Centaur / ReproductionSource: Centaur

In an interview with the magazine Exam, Zemel explained that, as with Nike Brazil, the idea is for NWB to maintain its separate business integrity within the SBF group. He points out that the company follows consumer data protection rules.

In this regard, Zemel emphasizes that the majority of specialist retailers in the world broke down, because “they could not stand the competition with the giants”, remembering that the large retail platforms have an “unimaginable” amount of consumer data. Despite the expansion, he says: “we are David, not Goliath”.

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