Pornhub removes millions of videos posted by users

The adult content site Pornhub has removed millions of videos posted by users. The move is part of a change in the platform, which will accept uploads only from authorized accounts.

According to estimates, about 9 million publications have been deleted from the adult site. All exclusions occurred recently: while the site had around 13.5 million videos in early December, the platform started on Monday (14) with approximately 4.7 million posts, points out the MotherBoard.

According to the platform, only verified accounts will be able to post videosAccording to the platform, only verified accounts will be able to post videosSource: The Next Web

The company revealed more details about the change in a blog post. According to Pornhub, more videos will be removed from the platform with the oldest time and uploads will start to be marked “pending verification” from 2021.

Upload to verified accounts

The goal is to limit publications to verified users or users of the platform’s “Model Program”, which requires old authentication. The measure is an effort to prevent illegal and published videos by minors from appearing on the platform. In addition to Pornhub, the change will also affect all verticals of MindGeek, which owns other adult sites.

“This means that all content on Pornhub is from verified senders,” said the video platform, mentioning that other services are likely to adopt similar systems in the future. “Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Snapchat and Twitter have yet to institute [um sistema de verificação]. “

The mass removal of videos happens after a report from New York Times report abuse videos on Pornhub. The story made Visa and Mastercard demonetize the platform, which put at stake the main source of income for the site, the sale of subscriptions and videos.

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