4 gifts that every gamer deserved to win this Christmas

Christmas is a festival that has “companions” that are practically inseparable, we are talking about the gifts, which perfectly match this time of year. Even if you’ve already lost your innocence and don’t believe in Santa Claus anymore, you can’t deny that Christmas and gifts make a beautiful combination.

In a year as exhausting as it was 2020, it is more than fair to win a gift simply for having gone through such a difficult period. How about that item so desired from your wish list? Why not buy it now?

Let’s go to the suggestions?

A quality TV

You deserve quality television.You deserve quality television.Source: Shutterstock

Our first recommendation is a quality TV, one that offers the best resolution and features available on the market. After all, having a good television is essential to be able to enjoy the games well and have an entertainment experience worthy of a gamer.

That’s why our tip is to abandon your old Full HD TV (or even with a lower resolution) for one with 4K technology. This is the resolution of the moment, capable of offering a world of details much greater than any other model.

Not to mention the other features that may be present in a high-end TV, such as HDR mode, quality sound, very low response time, high refresh rate and the “game mode”, which can significantly improve the experience of any gamer .

This is certainly a sensational gift, isn’t it?

Additional control

Extra control - and more technological - to improve your game.Extra control – and more technological – to improve your game.Source: Shutterstock

Another item worth keeping an eye on is an additional control for your console. It doesn’t matter if you have a PS4, PS5, XBOX ONE or SERIES X, for sure this accessory will be very useful to expand the possibilities of your video game.

We are talking about a control with a cutting edge technology with sensitivity adjustments when pressing the buttons for you to customize according to the style of each game. There are several details that can guarantee greater accuracy when playing, not to mention the format, color and style, since there are a lot of good things out there – including several people who collect different types of controls.

Does this become your hobby too?

Gamer chair

The gamer chair can improve your game and ergonomics.The gamer chair can improve your game and ergonomics.Source: Shutterstock

If you are the type of person who really dives into the gamer universe and forgets about the world outside, spending hours and hours in front of the screen, this is the gift you need to buy for yourself. In fact, this will be an important gift for your spine and ergonomics. Of course, we are talking about a gamer chair.

This type of product will guarantee all the comfort you need, as it fits ergonomically to your body. A gamer chair helps to avoid tension, unnecessary wear and discomfort that can damage your attention and focus on the most challenging moment of matches.

This is certainly a good gift to enhance your gambling and your well-being.

Headphone gamer

How about a new gamer headset?How about a new gamer headset?Source: Shutterstock

Finally, our final gift recommendation is a gamer headset. If a new television can enhance the image quality of your games, a good headset can do that with sound.

The tip is to buy an accessory that can completely eliminate external noise, allowing a complete immersion in games. In this way, each sound effect can be felt to its fullest, and communication with friends during matches is much better.

A good gift to also enhance your entertainment experience.

Extra gift: a quality internet

If you’ve made it this far, let’s share an extra gift tip. What is the use of having the best accessories and products aimed at the gamer audience, but having an internet that “does not do the job”? That’s why Hi Fiber is our partner in producing this content.

Our final tip is to subscribe to the 500 MEGA download plan and 250 MEGA upload plan from Oi Fibra for just R $ 149.90, in addition to the HBO GO service for 6 months. This offer was extended until January 4, 2021, ending our list of gifts for the end of 2020.

With such an internet, you will never again worry about slowness during matches and will have unmatched download speeds. You will be able to download your games, watch your videos and enjoy all games without crashes and with great fluidity.

Access the website Hi Fiber and get to know this and other company offers for you.

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