Google Photos gets ‘cinematic 3D’ effect tool

Google Photos will get a tool that adds 3D effects to simple 2D images. The feature called Cinematic Photos is expected to be released to users in early January 2021.

As a cinematic effect, the tool will animate the photos that appear highlighted in the souvenir tab at the top of the application. In the announcement of the feature on its blog, Google revealed a GIF which illustrates the new update.

Google Photos

According to Google, the Cinematic Photos effect will be added automatically and the user does not need to have knowledge of image editing. For this, the application will use a machine learning tool to create the animations.

Even if the original image does not include depth information, the new feature will be able to produce a 3D representation of the scene. This will add a smooth panoramic effect to your photos.

Still on its blog, the company said that the new mode will undergo updates after launch. So, she relies on people’s feedback to be able to make further improvements.

Google Photos will also receive new montage themes.Google Photos will also receive new montage themes.Source: Google / Disclosure

New souvenir mode

Along with Cinematic Photos, Google Photos will bring new layouts for collages and a redesigned mode of memories. According to the company, the app will recognize and highlight images with important people and activities in the user’s life.

To avoid embarrassment, Google will add an option to hide specific people or periods of life. That way, the app will not rescue photos with unwanted memories from the past.

Finally, Cinematic Photos animations and new themes can be saved as short clips in video format. Allowing users to share files with family and friends.

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