Android: Google and Qualcomm will guarantee 4 years of updates

On Wednesday (16), Google announced the extension of support for updates to the Android operating system on high-end devices. With the novelty, the result of a partnership between the company and Qualcomm, Android phones with branded processors from the Snapdragon 888 will receive up to four years of updates.

In detail, this means that a device released with Android 11 will have support for upgrading the operating system to Android 14, plus an extra year of minor security updates. The novelty expands to other brands the treatment that Google’s proprietary cell phone line, Pixel, already receives – the combination of three years of major system updates and 4 years of security updates.

Technical details

The new support period is the result of Google working together with Qualcomm to translate the Treble Program – which initially sought to adapt the way the Android operating system works, in order to make it more accessible for updates from manufacturers, such as Samsung – for the hardware level of Snapdragon processors.

That way, manufacturers will be able to work more easily on new versions of Android, bringing updates earlier to their phones with Qualcomm processors. Questioned by the site Android Police, Google has yet to comment on the arrival of the same partnership for other manufacturers, such as MediaTek. Thus, the novelty is expected to expand the useful life of high-end devices.

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