Europe must create its own satellite mega-constellation like Starlink

According to the French newspaper Les Echos, technical studies undertaken by the European Commission intend to put into practice the launch of a megaconstellation of satellites aimed at providing global high-speed internet coverage, similar to Elon Musk’s Starlink initiative. Also according to the vehicle, 6 billion euros (more than R $ 37.1 billion reais) will be allocated to the project.

Being a politically independent institution that represents and defends the interests of the European Union, the objective, point those responsible for the research, is “to guarantee the governments of the bloc secure communications” and “to provide European citizens with a good internet service, especially in difficult to access. “

There was an expectation of a detailed official announcement regarding the news this Thursday (17), anonymous sources said. Bloomberg, something that didn’t happen. In any case, it highlights the Les Echos, many space industry participants submitted their projects last month, as several countries do not wish to become dependent on private systems, such as Amazon’s Kuiper.

“It is, therefore, a question of digital sovereignty”, defends Amélie Charnay, journalist of the 01net, adding that the amount can be raised by a public-private partnership and that the implementation would occur from 2025. “The idea would be to bring together two existing European programs: Govsatcom and Quantum Communication Infrastructure”, he stresses.

Space, it seems, will be small soon, soon.Space, it seems, will be small soon, soon.Source: reproduction

More speculation

Thierry Breton, European Commissioner for the EU’s Internal Market, would be in charge of the negotiations, which should be concluded before the end of 2021. In addition, the European aerospace company Airbus would lead a consortium to build the constellation, as well as the Franco-French company. Italian Thales Alenia Space, German OHB SE, satellite operators Eutelsat Communications SA and SES SA and space companies Telespazio and Arianespace.

The European Commission, however, has not commented on the matter. Still, Thierry Breton has already taken a stand on the need for the Old Continent not to be left behind in a market dominated by the United States and China; therefore, the announcement of the initiative would not be entirely unexpected.

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