The 7 best memes of 2020

In a year in which nothing seemed to go right – starting with the covid-19 pandemic – what saved us from anguish and despair was often memes. Creative, irreverent, and even prophetic, these popular creations managed to cause delicious laughter within a scenario of pain.

So we made a list of the seven hottest memes of 2020. To remember and smile again.

7. Cabeleleila Leila

Creation of humorist Eduardo Sterflitch in the talk show “Sterblitch Não Tem um Talk Show”, “Cabeleleila Leila” presents a fictitious beauty salon with word games that amuse the viewer.

6. iPhone 12 without charger

When Apple introduced its long-awaited world iPhone 12 in October, a detail caused disappointment among consumers: the device no longer comes with either a headset or a charger. So far so good, but when the Apple speech justified the absence for “environmental issues”, the crowd did not forgive, and several memes began to appear

5. Coffin Meme

This is a case of adaptation: the Dancing Pallbearers or Dancing Coffin meme is from 2015, showing cheerful coffin loaders in Ghana, but they were soon related to the covid-19, between March and April, and became part of the imagery of the quarantine as a synonym for death.

4. Raíssa and Yarlei: Catch on beauty

Appeared on Twitter, the video of the brothers, Raíssa (Titia Rayon) and Yarlei, went viral using commands such as “lock on beauty”, made by Yarlei and immediately choreographed by Raíssa. The meme became so popular that it ended up getting a sticker on WhatsApp, with the famous “Maloqueira Pose”.

3. Felipe Neto explains: Anyway, hypocrisy

“Anyway, hypocrisy” appeared on Twitter in June, but soon went viral for several networks, with numerous adaptations. Originally represented by the image of a dog looking thoughtfully at the horizon, the joke plays with contradictions of words, such as “he is an atheist, but he says goodbye and not conscience”. There were so many variations that deserved a compilation of youtuber Felipe Neto.

2. Dr. Dráuzio Varella: willingness to hug, right, my daughter?

Source: Memes Museum / ReproductionSource: Memes Museum / ReproductionSource: Memes Museum

Dr. Dráuzio Varella, one of the most famous doctors in Brazil, was doing an interview with a trans inmate, for the “Fantástico” program, when he asked the interviewee at some point: “Solitude, right, my daughter?”. The phrase was adapted and soon became the favorite meme of social isolation: “longing to kick, right, my daughter?”, “Longing to hug, right, my daughter?”, “Longing to crowd, right, my daughter?”.

1. Cardi B and the Coronavirus

Right at the beginning of the covid-19 pandemic, in March, several publications of awareness to the world population were published on the web, among them a video of the American rapper Cardi B. The message that, at first was supposed to be serious, became a meme for the way she says “coronavirus”, she became prophetic due to the severity of the pandemic and was, without a doubt, the best meme of the year.

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